Friday, October 13, 2017

5 Pregnancy Symptoms Nobody Warned Me About

Before you read this list, please be forewarned that I have a tendency to traumatize people whenever I talk to them about pregnancy. (Children like asking me about a lot of things, and since I am pregnant right now, they like asking me what it was like to have a baby in my tummy. Our conversations usually end with a "I don't want to be a mom anymore!" or "I never want to get married!") So I thought maybe this happens because I talked about pregnancy in such a way that would make people scared of it. So if you are quite sure you still want to continue, then read on!

1.) Morning sickness is a joke. (More like all day sickness!)

I don't really talk to my mother about things like this, so I had this silly impression that nausea only happens in the morning. (Probably because of all the movies I watched.) Turns out it wasn't true at all! The nausea can strike at any time of the day (particularly during the first trimester) and I had a hard time eating as a result.

2.) Gas or baby?

Being a first time mom, it was hard for me to tell at first whether I was already feeling my baby move or I just had a bad case of gas. It took some experience for me to be able to tell the difference. (Speaking of gas... well... let's just say you would need to master the art of releasing gas discreetly.)

3.) Seeing your lopsided tummy for the first time.

One of the experiences that freaked me out the most was seeing my belly literally rise like a mountain whenever I stretched. It was bizarre and I had to show this to my husband the first time it happened (just so we could share the weird moment together.)

4.) The belly gymnastics doesn't always hurt. But it can freak you out sometimes.

Now that I'm in the last stretch of the third trimester, it is not unusual for me to see my belly moving on its own. Kicks, punches, short vibrating pulses (baby's hiccups), crawling sensations and small waves (baby switching positions inside). It literally feels like (and actually is) another living being thriving inside my belly. But the movements can get a little freaky, and sometimes, can even look like something that came out of a horror movie.

5.) Feeling like your baby is always messing with your internal organs (especially the bladder!)

Yes, it just literally feels like that.

To be honest, I was not really prepared for pregnancy. And somehow, I feel like such an amateur. But experiencing pregnancy gave me the emotional perspective of a parent that I lacked before and made me look at babies differently.

The journey to motherhood is tough, but what they say IS true - everything is truly worth it. It was only now that I fully understand (and even felt) the emotions trying to be evoked during that scene where Arwen (from The Lord of the Rings) saw the future where she and Aragorn had a son.

Thinking about my own baby, it was a feeling that the risk would be worth it, especially if it meant meeting and giving life to that child in the vision.

Pregnancy changed my perspective.

Now, thinking about fetuses and how it must have been for them (and how helpless they really are) while they are being aborted turns me into an emotional wreck.

Now, I could empathize how difficult it must have been for women who did not have the support of their family because their pregnancy was not planned.

Now, I could fully appreciate just how bad ass the pregnant lady in Train to Busan was.

The journey to motherhood is not yet over for me, but it changed me for the better and I would always be grateful to God for giving me and my husband this little one at this point in our lives.