Wednesday, June 24, 2015

E-Session with Manny and April Photography + Ten Franco HMUA

More than the amazing photos taken that day, it was the memories of the photo shoot that lingered in our hearts.

Couples often become so wrapped up with all the nitty gritty while preparing for their engagement shoots that they forget something very important. Something often overlooked.

You are not there just to take nice photos. You are making memories, too!

Think of it this way --- when you look back at your photos, would you really want to remember how your stylist failed to bring that vintage typewriter you wanted? Or how uncomfortable you felt wearing that gown in the middle of the desert? Or even how you and your fiancé almost got into a fight because he didn't want to wear what was picked out for him?

Of course not!

When you look at your photos, you'd want to look back happily at how wonderful the experience was! (Never mind all the body contortions done to get that perfect pose! Hihi!)

To make this happen, getting the right people is key.

What I mean is, you would have to choose people who are not just passionate about what they do, but also people who actually care enough to give more than what you paid for.

And this is exactly what happened during our engagement shoot!

I would have to say that we were fortunate to have what I now dubbed as "The Dream Team."

Let me begin with the gorgeous hair and make-up done by Miss Ten Franco.

Manny and April Photography

Not one who always gets the chance to wear make-up (my fiancé hates make-up because of the smell, haha!), I was very ecstatic to have Ten do my airbrush make-up for the prenup shoot.

Her touch was as light as a feather and her fun personality made me feel quite at ease despite being painfully shy towards other people.

Ten is a talented artist with a good heart. She gives her all to her craft, even going as far as assisting her clients in every way possible during a photo shoot. Personal yet professional.

We didn't have a prenup stylist, nor did we have anyone else with us during the photo shoot. So having Ten by our side that day was such a blessing to us and I am really grateful for her generous heart.

FYI: If you're reading this Ten, I'm officially making myself the president of your fan club! Okay? Okay! (Creepster lang ang peg! Hahaha!)

And of course, there's the talented couple photographers of Manny and April Photography.

Manny and April was actually the first wedding supplier we booked after the church and reception venue. We've seen their work through mutual friends who got married and we instantly fell in love with their style of photography. And because getting one of the best wedding photographers was our non-negotiable, we booked them without any second thought. We knew in our hearts that we could trust them to capture our memories, and our trust was well rewarded!

Manny and my fiancé hit it off right away, both being quite infatuated with photography gear. (April and I could only look on while shaking our heads. Hahaha!) And after talking with April about what we needed for the wedding, everything else just fell into place for us despite the year-long hiatus from wedding preparations. (Thank you so much for that much needed push btw, April! Hihi! Photographer na, coordinator pa! Ayiii!)

Needless to say, our photos are enough to showcase the incredible talent these two have! They did exactly what we wanted, and delivered so much more!

What I loved even more about Manny and April is that they are able to make couples feel at ease during the photo shoot (based on our own experience and the reviews we've read). So even though you are not used to getting your photos taken, they will definitely find a way to bring out the real you during the photo shoot.

And they were really fun to shoot with to boot!

If you would ask me right now who you should get for your wedding, I do not even have to think about it. Just go and get the Dream Team! :D

But of course, don't just take my word for it! It is your photoshoot, after all! Just like everything else during wedding preparations, you really need to think about what would be the "right fit" for you and your future husband.

For starters, find a photographer that has the same style as that incredible photo you fell in love with on Pinterest. If you really must, go ahead and get that vintage typewriter by all means possible! And if you absolutely have to wear that gorgeous gown despite the scorching heat of the desert --- you have every right to do so!

But please NEVER forget to enjoy every minute of the experience! (And writing this, I realized the same goes for the wedding itself too!)

This way, you could relive wonderful memories with each and every photo taken!

Say cheese, guys! Hihi! :)

Photography: Manny and April Photography
Hair and Make-up: Ten Franco Hair and Make-up Artist
Prenup Venue: Pinto Art Museum
Outfit Styling: Me

Please visit Manny and April Photography to see more photos of our engagement session! :)