Friday, August 8, 2014

Trends For Less: Creepers

Typhoon season is here again, which means floods, floods, and more floods! This is why I decided to make a blog post dedicated to creepers!

No, I don't mean the creepy men stalking your profile.

And no, I'm not talking about the enemies that come out at night in Mine Craft.

I'm talking about the kind of platform shoe made by the brand called T.U.K.

I have always admired how Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters styled her T.U.K. creepers. (Actually, she is the reason why I began wearing platform shoes in the first place.)

Just to give a little background, I first discovered Jenn's Youtube channel over a year ago and I instantly fell in love with her unique style. So when I first saw her video about styling creepers, I got so inspired that I wanted to get a pair of my own. However, at the time, it was really hard to find shops that sell platform shoes of any kind (especially here in the Philippines).

I tried browsing online shops (which was the only place I found creepers) but I was too wary of doing my shopping online. Because of this, I tried looking for those that do meet-up or has an actual store I could visit.

The first pair of creepers I have ever owned (or in this case, "platform shoes" would be a more appropriate term) was from a brand called B Club. I bought this particular pair for a rather expensive price at Landmark Trinoma. (I'm ashamed! Huhu!)

Fortunately, it was made of such good quality material that I was (and still am) able to put it to good use in numerous outfits despite having gone through numerous floods. It was from my experience using this particular pair that I began to call platform shoes in general "flood-proof."

The next pair I bought was from a shop in Market! Market! called Androgyne Manila. I discovered Androgyne Manila through their Instagram account. However, the one in charge of their IG account rarely replies to comment inquiries and wasn't very accommodating. I really wanted the creepers so I decided to just drop by their store in Market! Market! (since they were having a sale anyway.)

I bought their T.U.K.-inspired black creepers last year for 1,350 pesos or 30 USD.

I thought I already had a good deal, but I realize that their shoes were still quite expensive after all. Nowadays, I see creepers (of the exact same quality) for less than 700 pesos!

Note to self: Just say "no!" to impulse buying!

If you are a Philippine resident and want a good pair of creepers (or any unique pair of shoes for that matter), I would suggest that you check out these two Instagram online shops: @Projectshoephoria and @Scene_Stealer.

Projectshoephoria and Scene Stealer both offer fashionable and trendy shoes at affordable prices. They carry the exact same pairs that the more popular online shops (that shall not be named) sell for twice or thrice the price!

The only problem with these two IG shops is that they tend to carry limited sizes for particular styles. This is why I decided to mention both of them so that you would have more options to choose from when shopping.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Interested to rock creepers but not really sure how to style it in outfits? Watch the YouTube video linked below and be inspired by Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters!

I hope you were able to draw some useful information or even inspiration from this blog post! Thank you for reading and have a thrifty day!