Friday, June 6, 2014

Kal Recommends: Youtube Thrift Haul Channels

Ever since my television broke down and my mom stopped the cable subscription, YouTube became my primary substitute for television.

You would be amazed at the amount of work YouTubers put on their channels. Or even at how well their YouTube videos were made! XD

I love searching for random videos on YouTube. But while browsing through the YouTube universe, I often stumble upon GOLD (at least in my opinion. :P) My top pick would definitely be my favorite YouTuber, Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters.

Kal's Pick # 1: Clothes Encounters

Jenn does a lot of fashion videos and vlogs. She has such an amazing and cool personality I can't even begin to explain it! XD Just know this: whenever I watch her videos, I can't help but fall in love with her!

#fangirlalert #girlcrush

I love the clever way Jenn talks about her thrift hauls, plus I think she has incredible taste in clothing! Below is a sample old video of hers. I have to say that the quality of Jenn's more recent videos are way better compared to this one, but I still enjoy watching this old video each and every time.

Kal's Pick # 2: Grav3yard Girl

Bunny is a YouTuber I recently discovered while watching Pewdie Pie's video gaming channel. (How that happened, I have no idea.) I especially adore Bunny's sense of humor and funny facial expressions.  And she says the darnest things, I can't even! XD

She's so funny I have to share another one! Lol! :D

But more than her thrift hurls, I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Bunny's "Swamp Family Mail" videos, "Does This Thing Really Work" videos and "Follow Me Around" videos. And I loved her even more when I found out that she was also interested in the paranormal.


Kal's Pick # 3: Thrift Drifter

I always appreciate it when YouTube thrift haul videos are accompanied by lookbooks and styling. I love this particular YouTube channel exactly for that reason. I love the vintage feel of her feminine outfits and I absolutely adore her vintage dresses! XD She gets the best deals for the cutest things and she is skilled at DIYs as well!

Kals' Pick # 4: Thrifters Anonymous

Whenever I'm cashless, sad and pathetic, I love watching follow-me-around-the-thrift-store videos (just like Bunny's videos that I showed you a while ago). If I can't shop for myself, at least I could vicariously enjoy shopping through these videos!

One of the YouTube channels I enjoy watching is Thrifters Anonymous. I love their side comments and how much they are like me when shopping. Lol! I think Shana and LaKeisha would make great shopping buddies!

Kal's Pick # 5: The Fashion Citizen

When it comes to thrift haul tandems, I always enjoy watching Melissa and Stephanie talk about the things they bought from thrift stores. (Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters used to do the same format thrift haul with her friend Sarah.)

I guess that's it for my top picks for YouTube Thrift Haul Channels. Let me know in the comments below which of the channels you enjoyed watching! Or if you have your own YouTube channel that you want me to check out, please leave the link below. :D

Thank you for reading and have a thrifty day! ^_^

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