Monday, April 21, 2014

Trends For Less: Gladiator Flats

Fashion trends come and go. I know this all too well.

This is why I avoid spending big bucks on trendy pieces that would probably gather dust in my room once I grew tired of them.

I do not claim to know (or even care) what the latest fashion trends are. But owning an Instagram online shop and following random people gives me information as to what potential buyers want.

For summer 2014 (or summer in general), I noticed that one of these "sought-after items" were gladiator flats.

 I do not own this photo. No copyright infringement intended.

 I do not own this photo. No copyright infringement intended.

I've been eyeing gladiator flats for a long time now but thought they were too expensive for me. Most shops sell these for at least 1000 pesos (22 USD) or even as high as 2000+ pesos (45+ USD). Other online shops that sell these for a cheaper price seemed suspicious to me.

Imagine my delight when I found gladiator flats (on sale) similar to the first photo during my visit to the Trendsetter's Bazaar last March.

I bought the brand new gladiator flats (called Tonic Loiuse) from Tonic Bags Shoes Manila for only 750 pesos (17 USD), buy one take one! That's like 375 pesos (8 USD) per pair!

I say that's pure awesomeness! 

Gladiator Flats: Tonic Bags Shoes Manila
Cream Lace Cape: Simone's Closet Shop
Octagon Sunnies: Wear Vintage PH

Gladiator Flats: Tonic Bags Shoes Manila
Rainbow Dress: Hershoppe PH
Heart Sunnies: Love to Style PH

The only down-side to these lovely sandals is the fact that putting them on takes forever! These babies do not have a zipper mechanism that would make them easier to wear. But given the price I got them for, I can certainly live with that. *winking at you right now!*

Incidentally, the other items featured in my outfit layouts were also bought from Philippine-based online shops as well. (Click on the links to check them out!)

However, my search was not yet over. I still wanted tall brown gladiator flats similar to the second picture in this post. It took a while, but I finally found the perfect tall gladiator flats that were made of good quality material (and actually keeps its shape when worn!)

Meet the Teri Glads from Vaintage PH!

These were only 799 pesos or 18 USD per pair! :D

When I browsed the posts of Vaintage PH on Instagram, I realized that the Teri Glads came in either gold or black. But I was looking for a particular shade of brown so I asked them if they had the brown color I wanted. I was so delighted when I found out that they could actually MAKE my Teri Glads in the color I wanted! Yesssss!

Score for Kal!

Just a tip though. Give them the measurement of the biggest part of your leg so that the Teri Glads would fit you well. That's what I did. And when I finally got the package, I found out that they fit me PERFECTLY! 

Definitely love at first fit y'all! <3

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I provided links to all the items featured in this post so if you want to check them out, please feel free to do so!

Thank you for reading and have a thrifty day! ^_^