Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thrift Fits: Sweet Florals

"It's not about how expensive your clothes are, but how you wear it!"

Part of the joy in thrifting is finding unique quality pieces that are one of a kind and fashionable, but still affordable at the same time!

Lately, I've been having so much good luck with my thrifting that I decided to share with you guys some of my favorite thrift finds!

Whenever I go thrifting, I would usually go for the dresses first, then the tops. (I usually stay away from bottoms unless I find really unique pieces that has excellent quality.)

It's quite overwhelming to shop in a thrift store so I would usually look for a print and color that would attract my attention, and then I would go from there.

One of the pieces that definitely caught my attention was this adorable little peter pan collared dress!

I absolutely love dresses with collars like this! Dresses like this give off a vintage feel and they remind me of the dresses my mother used to force my sister and I to wear when we were still children. Ironically, now that I'm an adult, I absolutely love wearing adorable dresses like this! Call it regression, but I'd say wear what you want!

This particular dress has an inner lining that feels good against the skin. Plus, the floral print makes it such a sweet dress to look at. I definitely felt as cute as a button in this pretty little thing!

Speaking of florals, I also got attracted to this sweet little pastel yellow dress with floral embroidery!

I loved how the dress fit me, even though I was a little unsure about the style at first. Turns out the dress looked even better when worn!

What do you guys think of these thrifted pieces?

I definitely have more thrifted pieces to share with you guys, so please do follow my blog if you want to see more of my thrift fits and thrift hauls!

If you are based in the Philippines and you want to know which thrift store I got these pieces from, I usually shop at the thrift store near the Anonas LRT station.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a thrifty day!