Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh My Bag PH Feature: Ways To Tie Your Handle Wraps

Inspired by the Hermes Twilly, these bag handle wraps can be very useful not just to make your bag extra stylish, but also to cover imperfections on your bag handles! This is a useful trick for thrifters because bag handles are usually the first to go.

When I first received my Oh My Bag PH handle wraps, I was really excited to try it out! But just like any other anal-retentive perfectionist, I was at a loss on how to use it!

Sure, it seemed fairly easy to do. But I still wanted to see how it is done so I could wrap it perfectly!

This is the reason why I decided to do this blog post! So if you have your handle wraps with you right now, bring out a bag and let's begin wrapping!

The Classic Wrap

If you want the logo to appear on the right end of your bag handle, start with the no-tag end on the left just like what is shown in the photo below. 

Then place the longer end over and under the shorter end like so.

Insert the longer end of the handle wrap through the loop you just made on the handle then pull it all the way through, making a loose knot.

Then wrap the handle of your bag thoroughly and evenly until you reach the right side.

Loosen the last loop you made on your bag handle.

Then, with the tag facing upward, insert the tag-end through the loop and pull it all the way through.

And you're done!

The Classic Wrap with Bow

Repeat first few steps for The Classic Wrap until you get to the other side. (Hello, Adele!) 
Then make a loop and tie into a nice bow.

And you're done, with your bag looking extra pretty!

The Double Bow

If your handle wrap is made of silky fabric, your double bow would look like the photo shown below. (Tip: Be careful when tying a double bow using the silk wraps because it tends to unravel when tied to your bag!)

 It is very simple to do. Just tie the bow like usual.

Then tie another bow on top. You'll end up with something that looks like this.

The Camellia Flower

This is probably my favourite way of using the handle wraps.

Start by tying a knot where you want the Camellia flower to be. Then twist the fabric like shown in the photos below.

Continue twisting the handle wraps and allow the fabric to curl naturally like so.

Once you're done twisting the fabric into a flower shape, make a knot to secure your Camellia flower in place.

Wrap it around once more, then tie another secure knot to prevent the flower from unravelling.

And you're done!

I hope I was able to explain things well. Thank you so much for reading my blog post! As reference, I will link the YouTube video that helped me learn how to tie these handle wraps. Enjoy watching! :)