Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kal Features: Nickita Sweets

-Ber months are finally here, and for most Filipinos, that only means one thing --- Christmas shopping!

And for me, nothing's more festive than good old-fashioned crinkles.

Just the sight of these goodies covered with snow-like powdered sugar make me feel like celebrating Christmas a little bit earlier. So when I discovered Nickita Sweets, it was only natural that I became interested!

What's even more amazing is the fact that their crinkles come in five different flavours: Oreo, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Lemon Cheesecake, and Matcha.

What started out as a small business selling red velvet crinkles soon evolved into what's now known as "everyone's favorite" crinkles, offering five innovative flavors that are sure to pique your interest and satisfy your taste buds.

As I always say, there must be a balance between quality and quantity - for two 1-dozen tubs for 299 pesos, I'd say you are definitely getting your money's worth! (Don't even consider buying just one tub for 180 pesos. These goodies are just too good that I guarantee you'd regret not buying another one.)

I have to say that the packaging is just too cute for words! Each flavor actually has an adorable little cartoon character featured on its sticker label. How cute is that?!

Now, let me talk about each flavor individually.

Oreo Crinkles with Cream Cheese Frosting

Eating Nickita Sweets' Oreo Crinkles with Cream Cheese Frosting gave me a whole new Oreo experience --- it is Oreo like you have never tasted before! It is softer than all the other flavored crinkles, and is actually one of my favorite flavors.

Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Fillings

This is the one that started it all! 
Red velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Fillings was actually the first flavor that Nice Gomez, the owner of Nickita Sweets, started out with. I love that the Red velvet Crinkles were moist (unlike other crinkles that tend to be dry). It is obvious that Nickita Sweets only uses the best ingredients and makes their crinkles with utmost care and precision.

Chocolate Crinkles with Chocolate Cream Cheese Fillings

Calling all chocolate lovers! This one is definitely for you! When I asked a friend to taste this, after just one bite, she immediately sighed with satisfaction and looked at me saying, "Ang sarap..." ("It's delicious...")

Lemon Cheesecake Crinkles with Cream Cheese Frosting

This is another one of my favorite flavors from Nickita Sweets. I love how it is sweet and tangy at the same time, and its texture is similar to that of silvannas. The exact taste is really hard to describe, but this would definitely become a sure hit for those who are older (like myself!)

Matcha Crinkles with Chocolate Cream Cheese Fillings

Last but not the least, let me talk about their best seller --- the Matcha crinkles with Chocolate Cream Cheese!

Although I'm not really a fan of Matcha, I actually liked this one too, especially for its innovativeness. I asked a good friend (who loves Matcha) to taste this and she told me that she really loved how the Matcha flavor is there but not really in an "in-your-face" kind of way.

After tasting all their flavors, I could immediately tell why Nickita Sweets became "everybody's favorite." Its taste and quality (plus the fact that it is fairly affordable) made me feel like I have no need to try crinkles from other brands altogether!

Nickita Sweets is available online, but you could also buy these in their physical stores at the following locations:

Zaril Lifestyle
- Maginhawa Street Teachers Village, near Streat and Ministop

Fashstore Manila
- Katipunan Street beside Flaming Wings